Jon Diebler entered his college career with big expectations. He dominated the high school game, and broke LeBron James Ohio High School scoring records. Those lofty expectations proved to be a little too much to handle in Diebler’s freshman year.

His sophomore year was a different story. He battled through transfer rumors during the summer between his freshman and sophomore seasons. That adversity made him a stronger player for the Buckeyes that upcoming fall. He averaged 36 minutes a game and 11.2 points per contest that season. Diebler became a valuable part of Ohio State’s transition game as a deadly sharpshooter.

Jon made 96 threes that season and finished with a 42 percent mark from behind the arc. As he became more comfortable with his role and a perimeter shooter, he became more productive for head coach Thad Matta.

Diebler was the main scoring threat in high school, but once he got to Ohio State he became one of many. Evan Turner drew the double teams, and Diebler drained the threes during last season.

Now as a junior Diebler had his eyes set on the Ohio State record books. He broke Jamar Butler’s three point mark of 242 threes for a career, as he poured in 260 going into his senior season. Diebler averaged 13 points per game last season and finished shooting 43 percent from beyond the arc.

He finished the season with 42 steals, a career high, and 38 turnovers, a career low. His improvement over the past three seasons makes him that much more valuable to the Buckeyes in this upcoming season. Diebler will extend his three-point career mark to an almost unreachable level this season.

His accuracy on the perimeter makes other teams defenses shift, opening the paint for players like William Buford and David Lighty to create points off the dribble. Diebler enters his final season as a Buckeye with mixed support for the Buckeye faithful.

Many still feel he has not lived up to his high expectations. When it is said and done he will be the greatest Buckeye perimeter shooter in the history of the program. That is something even the most critical fans can respect and be proud of.